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A simple and powerful WordPress caching plugin that
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With Borlabs Cache you can
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Borlabs Cache For WordPress

An easy to use yet powerful caching plugin for WordPress. Delivers your content in milliseconds, improves your ranking, and makes your visitors happy.

Key Features

Page Caching

All of your pages, posts, feeds, categories, tags, etc., will be cached and delivered in milliseconds.

Minify & Compress

Combines CSS and JavaScript into single files and sends them compressed to your visitors. Removes the unnecessary whitespace and HTML-comments of your page.

Cache Preloading

Our friendly and charming bot refreshes your cache, so that your visitors always get your content as fast as possible.

Fragmented Caching

With fragmented caching you can have dynamic content in your static files which is useful if you have ads or other data on your pages that should not be static.

Database Optimization

Keeps the tables of your database optimized, reduces their size and boosts their performance.

Individual Cache Lifetimes

Define individual cache lifetimes per Post and Archive of all your Post Types.

Deliver Your Content Faster

The more plugins you have, the more time it can take to deliver your content to your visitors.
Search engines reward faster websites with better rankings.
The average time it takes Borlabs Cache to deliver your content is 200-500 milliseconds.
Average loading without Borlabs Cache
With Borlabs Cache

Additional Features

Header Management

Supports Cache-Control header, Last-Modified, ETag, DNS-Prefetch, and more.

Cron Service

Our Cron service takes care of your scheduled WordPress tasks.

Import & Export

Export and backup your settings or import your settings to other websites.

View Cache

Get information about each cached pages, easily exclude pages from being cached, or remove them.

Always A Fresh Cache!

Our servers are constantly monitoring your cached static page and send our friendly bot to refresh your page as soon as its lifetime is over, ensuring that your customers always receive your newest content as fast as possible.

Requirements & Compatibility

Borlabs Cache works with WordPress 4.6 or higher and PHP 5.4 or higher.

Multisite Compatibility

Borlabs Cache supports the WordPress Multisite feature, which allows you to set individual cache settings for each of your sites.

Multilingual Compatibility

Works with multilingual plugins like WPML, qTranslate, and many others.

Ecommerce friendly

Compatible with frequently used plugins like WooCommerce. Excludes pages like cart & checkout by default with our Ecommerce-Preset.


Basic Or Pro

We offer a free, feature limited version of Borlabs Cache, which also let you test the Pro version for 30 days. For just $49 you get the Pro version with Cache Preloading, Database Optimization, and many more.

For full version comparison click here.

Free / Site
Page Caching
HTML Minifaction
JavaScript/CSS Merging & Compression
$49 / Site
all Basic Features
+ Cache Preloading
+ Database Optimization
+ Additional Settings
+ Support

We also offer volume licensing and an extended license for theme authors. Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Caching

How can I make my WordPress site load faster?

  1. Choose a good host and select a plan with SSD storage.
  2. Start with a solid theme. You can find many solid themes at Themeforest*.
  3. Use an effective caching plugin like Borlabs Cache.
  4. Optimize your images. A good and free service is tinypng.
  5. Optimize your database. Borlabs Cache Pro version can help you with that.
  6. Don’t overload your homepage.

What is a WordPress cache plugin?

WordPress is a database powered platform which generates content dynamically.
The more content and plugins you have the more database requests are executed. This can slow down your sites performance, especially when your database is located on a different server.
A cache plugin like Borlabs Cache saves the dynamically generated content as a static file on your servers storage. When the page is requested, this static file is loaded and send to the visitor, which is dramatically faster than the regular database requests. But that is not all. Your pages contain a lot of unnecessary whitespace or HTML-Comments, which only increases the overall size of the page, but are not important for your e.g. layout or design. Borlabs Cache removes all of them and uses GZIP to compress your page, which saves your and your visitors traffic.

Many plugins have their own JavaScript and CSS files, which results in more requests to your server. Borlabs Cache combines all these JavaScript and CSS files, so that in the best case your visitor only has to load one JavaScript file and one CSS file.

These are just some examples, what Borlabs Cache does to increase your sites performance.

How do I optimize my WordPress site for speed?

  1. Check if your current hosting plan offers the performance your site needs.
  2. Monitor your plugins. Query Monitor is a good plugin to start with this task.
  3. Empty your trash. Thousands of no longer needed posts can slow down your WordPress.
  4. Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks and try to reduce drafts, post revisions, and delete spam comments to speed up your WordPress.
  5. Try to avoid social media widgets and buttons (e.g. like buttons) or use Shariff to embed them.

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