Using WPML for translations

Using WPML for translations

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Borlabs Cookie is compatible with WPML, this is how you do it:
To use the cookie-selection box of Borlabs Cookie with WPML in different languages you have to install:
  1. 1. WPML Multilingual CMS
  2. 2. WPML String Translation
To create the translations follow these steps:
  1. Click on Settings -> Borlabs Cookie
  2. Click on Texts and the top
  3. Borlabs Cookie should now have registrated the strings in WPML
  4. Click on WPML -> String-translation
  5. In the dropdown menu at the top select Borlabs Cookie - Text
  6. You should now see all translatable strings. Click on Translations under a string to save your translation.
Attention: The links to your Privacy Policy and Imprint page in the Head description bottom field have to be inserted manually because the Borlabs Cookie variables %%privacy_url%%%%privacy_title%%%%imprint_url%% and %%imprint_title%% can not be used with WPML. So you have to replace the variables with the corresponding URL and title.


You can change your cookie setting here anytime: <a href="%%privacy_url%%">%%privacy_title%%</a>. <a href="%%imprint_url%%">%%imprint_title%%</a>.

Costumization in WPML:

You can change your cookie setting here anytime: <a href="/YourPrivacyPageURL/">YourPrivacyPageTitle</a>. <a href="/YourImpressPageURL/">YourImpressPageTitle</a>.
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