When will a page get added to the cache?

When will a page get added to the cache?

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The index of Borlabs Cache grows over time through bots and visitors to your website. Each individual page access will be preceded by Borlabs Cache checking already indexed pages. Cached pages will be delivered instantly and following WordPress processes will not be run. You can check all indexed pages under Borlabs Cache > View Cache.

Pages which are not indexed will be added to the cache as soon as they are requested. Thus a first visit can take a little longer than usual, as the cached data will be optimized beforehand. This includes e.g. JavaScript & CSS optimization and HTML minification - depending on your Borlabs Cache configuration and server hardware this can take several seconds. Saving the Borlabs Cache configuration always recreates the cache of your home page (front page). Please mind that the page will only indexed if the visitor is not logged into wordpress.

Tip: While logged in use the incognito or private mode of your browser to view the website like your visitors will see it.


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