Borlabs Cookie - Changelog

Version 1.7.4, 21th May 2018

  • Added filter for embed_oembed_html again (was removed in 1.7)

Version 1.7.3, 21th May 2018

  • Added message when cache folder of borlabs-cookie does not exist

Version 1.7.2, 20th May 2018

  • Improved creation of borlabs-cookie cache folder

Version 1.7.1, 20th May 2018

  • Added tab for support
  • Fixed installation & upgrade routine for multisites

Version 1.7, 19th May 2018

  • Added styling options
  • Added shortcode

    Click on the button below to load the content of -.
    Load content

  • Removed filter for embed_oembed_html (please give feedback if something isn't blocked anymore that was blocked before)

Version 1.6.6, 18th May 2018

  • Added filter hook borlabs_cookie_js_config
  • Fixed Do not Track setting, was always active

Version 1.6.5, 17th May 2018

  • Improved CSS
  • Fixed broken Google opt-out routine (was broken in version 1.6.4)

Version 1.6.4, 17th May 2018

  • Improved CSS

Version 1.6.3, 17th May 2018

  • Improved cookie handling, the preference cookie applies to the domain and all subdomains now
  • Added support for Do Not Track
  • Changed create table statement, now works with old MySQL 5.5

Version 1.6.2, 15th May 2018

  • Improved WPML & Polylang support
  • Added iframe detection for embed_oembed_html hook
  • Added iframe detection for iframes in HTML widgets in the sidebar (widget_custom_html_content hook)
  • Added align option for shortcode [borlabs_cookie], e.g. [borlabs_cookie align="right"] available options: left, left-float, center, right, right-float
  • Added exception for iframes without src-attribute or where src is about:blank

Version 1.6.1, 12th May 2018

  • Improved CSS
  • Added filter hook borlabs_cookie_third_party_code
  • Added filter hook borlabs_cookie_first_party_code
  • Added filter hook borlabs_cookie_facebook_pixel_code

Version 1.6, 10th May 2018

  • Improved structure of settings
  • Improved opt-out handling for custom Google Analytics code
  • Added Polylang support
  • Added shortcode [borlabs_cookie_log] to show the user's cookie preference history

Version 1.5.3, 7th May 2018

  • Fixed JavaScript issue with Thrive plugin
  • Fixed wording/translation

Version 1.5.2, 1st May 2018

  • Fixed ajax routine

Version 1.5.1, 1st May 2018

  • Fixed upgrade routine

Version 1.5, 1st May 2018

  • Improved handling of YouTube thumbnails
  • Improved cookie box for mobile devices - text now scrollable
  • Improved wording/translation
  • Added WPML support
  • Added cookie consent logging
  • Added statistics
  • Added option to select imprint page

Version 1.4, 25th April 2018

  • Improved detection and handling of iframes
  • Improved wording/translation
  • Added option to always display cookie box
  • Added option to block/unblock content below the cookie box

Version 1.3.4, 24th April 2018

  • Added support for Advanced Custom Fields

Version 1.3.3, 23th April 2018

  • Improved permalink handling for privacy page

Version 1.3.2, 21th April 2018

  • Fixed issue with missing cache folder

Version 1.3.1, 20th April 2018

  • Fixed code of Google Analytics

Version 1.3, 20th April 2018

  • Added option to implement Google Analytics
  • Added option to implement Facebook Pixel
  • Added opt-out option for Google Analytics
  • Added opt-out option for Facebook Pixel
  • Added option to deliver blocked JavaScript to bots/crawlers
  • Added option to save YouTube thumbnails locally

Version 1.2.1, 19th April 2018

  • Added option to remove or show iframes in feeds

Version 1.2, 16th April 2018

  • Added shortcode to block everything [ borlabs_cookie_blocked_content ]

Version 1.1, 15th April 2018

  • Added option to block iframes
  • Fixed little CSS issue

Version 1.0.1, 27th February 2018

  • Fixed little CSS issue

Version 1.0, 26th February 2018

  • Improved translations

Version 0.8, 25th February 2018

  • Improved text translation options
  • Added uninstaller

Version 0.7, 23th February 2018

  • Release of Borlabs Cookie

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