Version 1.1.9, 11th February 2018

  • Improved update routine
  • Improved search in View Cache
  • Improved loading of CSS/JS files when using the URL instead of the local path
  • Improved handling of files when they are not stored within /wp-content/
  • Improved cache exception rule for xml-sitemaps
  • Improved text for obstinate users which are still using PHP 5.3 or older
  • Improved license unlink process
  • Added cache exception rule for amp-sites
  • Added cache exception rule for .rss sites which are not marked as “feed” within WordPress
  • Added option to tell Borlabs Cache that nginx is running and no write-permission for .htaccess is required
  • Added compatibility class
  • Fixed image loading issue when CDN and LazyLoad were active at the same time

Version, 4th December 2017

  • Updated URLs to knowledge base
  • Improved performance by 30% when creating a cache file
  • Fixed minor template issue
  • Fixed rare case where inline JavaScript was not detected
  • Fixed rare case where local CSS / JavaScript was marked as external

Version 1.1.8, 27th November 2017

  • Improved update routine
  • Improved upgrade routine
  • Improved “Available version” notice on dashboard after update
  • Added action hooks and filters for more flexibility, see Codex for more information
  • Added lazy load functionality for images
  • Added charset header for requested pages
  • Added CORS rules when CDN is activated
  • Added caching exception when wp_get_current_commenter() has values
  • Added ability to exclude sections from being optimized (for example you can exclude scripts now)
  • Fixed information abour Commercial benefits when license is already Commercial

Version, 23th November 2017

  • Fixed fallback for compression of CSS/JS

Version, 20th November 2017

  • Improved compatibility with interal redirection from 3rd party plugins
  • Fixed issue where whitespace was removed from fragment caching code

Version, 18th November 2017

  • Fixed issue where JavaScript was not correctly placed into the footer
  • Fixed translations
  • Fixed issue in license template

Version 1.1.7, 13th November 2017

  • Updated minification class to latest version
  • Improved namespaces PSR-4 compliance
  • Improved handling of 404 entries. When a post is published Borlabs Cache checks if the posts url is indexed as 404 and removes it
  • Improved cache buffer handling and theme compatibility
  • Added option to remove license data for easier license transfer to new websites
  • Added option to enable CSS/JS minification. Was active before by default but without an option
  • Added ability to serve CSS/JS from a cookieless domain
  • Added nonces for CSRF protection
  • Changed defer-attribute default status. Is disabled by default now in all presets
  • Changed default value for external script position from “after” to “before”
  • Changed handling of features of Commercial-license. They are no longer hidden when a Personal-license is active instead, they are displayed but unable to be used
  • Fixed <head>-tag detection when <head> is using attributes
  • Fixed issue with “<?xml”-tags in cached files
  • Fixed issue with not redirected http connection when WordPress is configured for https
  • Fixed issue where defer-attribute was set even when “merge javascript files” was disabled
  • Fixed issue when zlib.output_compression is turned on
  • Fixed ExpiresByType duplicates
  • Fixed issue with detection of old php versions
  • Fixed encoding issue on 404 pages when server sends error messages
  • Removed Method A settings for CSS/JS

Version, 10th November 2017

  • This update is just a preparation for the upcoming version 1.1.7

Version 1.1.6, 14th October 2017

  • Improved e-commerce cache preset
  • Improved HTTPS detection when server is behind load balancer
  • Improved script-tag detection
  • Improved defer-attribute placement
  • Improved input handling of license key/purchase code
  • Added debugging class. If debugging (in wp-config.php) is enabled the minification is disabled but merging is still active
  • Added notification when zlib.output_compression is active
  • Added style position setting for Method B
  • Added option to disable “refresh cache” notification after the status of a plugin or theme has changed
  • Fixed missing defer-attribute on script-tags with external JavaScript source
  • Fixed wrong defer-attribute on script-tags of type application/ld+json
  • Deprecated JavaScript Method A – will be removed in future updates
  • Deprecated CSS Method A – will be removed in future updates

Version, 19th August 2017

  • Improved Method B’s script detection
  • Improved update routine
  • Fix for Method B’s detection of dynamic JavaScript/CSS

Version, 17th August 2017

  • Improved Method B, <link>-tags with media queries will now merged correctly
  • Improved displayed time to create/time to load when cache file is created
  • Improved handling of backend messages
  • Added logging for debugging Method B
  • Fixed Method B, resolving the path to a file in nested CSS files now works correctly when WordPress is installed into a subdirectory
  • Removed deprecated WordPress function is_comments_popup()

Version 1.1.5, 13th August 2017

  • Improved update routine
  • Improved speed of Method B
  • Added instant preload of the homepage after config was applied
  • Added a message when a plugin/theme was activated/disabled/switched that Borlabs Cache needs a cache refresh
  • Added option to refresh the cache of feeds when a post was published
  • Added option for Method B to place external JavaScript before or after local JavaScript
  • Added many options to clear the <head> of WordPress (remove emojis, meta-generators, manifest, etc.)
  • Fixed a rare situation when Borlabs Cache could not find the function is_user_logged_in and did not start caching
  • Fixed cache presets for Method B

Version 1.1.4, 10th August 2017

  • Added new second merging method for CSS and JavaScript
  • Added Google Font optimization for new merging method
  • Added minification for new merging method for CSS and JavaScript
  • Added a message when PHP memory_limit is too low

Version 1.1.3, 5th August 2017

  • Improved update routine
  • Added CDN support
  • Fixed meta box displays wrong information when current page is set as front page under rare circumstances
  • Fixed missing fragment caching settings when using the importer
  • Removed .DS_Store files

Version, 2nd August 2017

  • Fix for static CSS files with ? on local path.

Version 1.1.2, 30th July 2017

  • Improved cache presets.
  • Added update routine. You can now check and update Borlabs Cache like every other plugin
  • Added BORLABS_CACHE_HTACCESS_PATH for overwriting path to .htaccess when using Subresource Integrity (SRI).

Version 1.1.1, 22nd July 2017

  • Improved JavaScript merging
  • Improved visualization of detected JavaScript handles and their dependency
  • Improved CSS merging
  • Added ability to exclude JavaScript with dependencies
  • Added ability to force JavaScript handles to enqueue
  • Added Referrer-Policy header

Version 1.1.0, 15th July 2017

  • Improved CSS merging
  • Improved JavaScript merging
  • Improved handling of the¬†Custom cache preset
  • Improved fragement caching
  • Optimized english translation
  • Optimized caching process
  • Added version and update checker to the dashboard
  • Added german translation
  • Added JavaScript Defer option
  • Added header security management (Content-Control-Policy, Strict-Transport-Security, X-Frame-Options, X-Content-Type-Options, X-XSS-Protection)
  • Added new debug option
  • Added detection if Borlabs Cache can work properly or if some folder-permissions need to be corrected
  • Added message when Borlabs Cache was installed and need to be configured
  • Added search for 404 pages in Cache View
  • Added new license type Basic Plus

Version 1.0.1, 5th July 2017

  • Fix JavaScript and CSS merging

Version 1.0, 16th June 2017

  • Release of Borlabs Cache