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Cache Preloading Our cache preloading system ensures that your content is always up-to-date and your website super fast loaded. The number of daily page preloads through our crawler is determined by your license.
25 pages per day

up to 1.000 pages per day
Updates No matter what license, updates are always free.
Cron Service No more scheduling errors! Your WordPress tasks, such as publishing scheduled posts or checking for updates, are always executed.
Support Our support usually answers in less than a day.
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Simple Setup Just activate Borlabs Cache and your website is faster than before.
Page Caching All of your pages will be cached and delivered in milliseconds. Essential for improving your Search Engine Optimization.
Browser Caching Your pages and static content, such as CSS or JavaScript, are stored in the browser. Your visitors do not need to load that content again, when they visit another page of your website.
Cache Indexing through Sitemap Build-up the cache index immediately by preloading all URLs of your XML Sitemap.
GZIP Compression Faster transfer of your page, CSS, and JavaScript thanks to gzip compression. Also reduces your servers traffic and saves your visitors bandwidth.
Merging & Minification Merging and minification of your CSS and JavaScript files to reduce your website´s size and loading time.
Defer JS Loading Reduces the loading time of your website by loading your JavaScript files after the rendering of the page.
HTML Minification Borlabs Cache optimizes the filesize of your HTML files through the intelligent removal of HTML comments and whitespaces in the code.
Google Fonts Optimization Multiple Google Fonts requests will be chained into a single request to speed up the loading time.
LazyLoad LazyLoad delays loading of any images outside the visitors view until he scrolls down the page, which improves its load time.
DNS-Prefetching Borlabs Cache supports DNS-Prefetching which allows the browser to load external content faster.
Security Header Management Borlabs Cache supports security header like e.g. Content Security Policy, HSTS, and XSS-Protection.
Cache Exceptions Exclude any page or taxonomy from the cache easily. Borlabs Cache also allows exceptions for specific user agents.
Cache Exceptions per Post Type Exclude any post type from the cache.
Individual Cache Lifetime Define individual cache lifetimes per Post and Archive of all your Post Types
Individual Cache Lifetime per Post Type Define individual cache lifetimes per Post and Archive for each Post Type separately.
Fragment Caching With Fragment Caching you can have dynamic content in your static files which is useful if you have ads or other data on your pages that should not be static.
Database Optimization Borlabs Cache can clean up your database and reduce its size for better website performance.
CDN Support Borlabs Cache supports most Content Delivery Network services, which reduce HTTP request latency.
Import & Export Save time by easily import or export your favorite settings.
View Cache Get information about each cached pages, easily exclude pages from being cached, or remove them.